History and interesting facts


The Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane delivers 360 degree views of Brisbane City from the heart of Brisbane’s cultural lifestyle and entertainment precinct, South Bank Parklands.

Gondolas are fully air conditioned  and include an audio tour that offers an insight into landmarks and interesting information about Brisbane.

A ride on the Wheel takes almost 15 minutes and you have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir photo of your experience.

Want to know some of the cool facts?

  • The Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane opened to the public on August 31, 2008 during Riverfire.
  • The Wheel is 60 metres tall and featured 41 standard gondolas and one VIP gondola.
  • Two gondolas have wheelchair access.
  • When full, the Wheel can hold 332 people!
  • We are pretty spectacular to look at at night and that is because we have over 65,000 LED lights.
  • The Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane was designed by Ronald Bussink. The brand ‘Wheels of Excellence’ that he designed and developed, are the global market leaders and the most recognised brand for giant observation wheels throughout the world.
  • Each gondola can hold up to 600 kgs.
  • The Wheel weighs 335 tonnes and is supported by 48 concrete piles using 300 cubic metres of concrete.
  • The Wheel is two parallel circular rims, connected by steel supports which rotate around a horizontal axle. There are 21 spokes connected to the centre of the Wheel and 2 smaller rims that provide extra support. There are 4 beams on each side holding the Wheel in a stable, vertical position.
  • The Wheel is turned by tyres on the two outer rims. These tyres are driven by by 4 powerful DC motors. An operator, sitting in the control booth with the computer system and drive controls, starts and stops the Wheel.
  • The Wheel must always be balanced so we are particular how we load the Wheel. That will ensure that if we lose the main power supply, we are able to unload guests safely using the natural force of gravity.