This may answer some of your questions.

How long does the experience last for?

A ride on the Channel Seven Wheel of Brisbane lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and includes around four rotations.

What is the capacity of the Wheel of Brisbane gondolas?

A gondola can hold a maximum of 6 adults plus 2 children 11 years old and under.

You can not have more than 8 people in a gondola, infants are included in this head count and require a ticket to ride.

Is there wheelchair access?

Yes!  We have two gondolas that are fitted for wheelchair access and our team are trained to assist you if you need.

Do I need to book and purchase a ticket prior?

There is no need to book, you can simply arrive and purchase tickets at our ticket booth!  However if you want to check out the prices beforehand just head here.

How tall is the Wheel of Brisbane?

We are 60 metres tall, you can see just about anywhere from up there!

When was the Wheel of Brisbane built?

The Wheel officially opened in August 2008 as part of Brisbane’s 20 year Expo 88 celebrations.

How many gondolas are there?

42 in total, it gets confusing to count as they are moving all the time.

Is the Wheel temporary or permanent?

We are absolutely permanent – and we love being an iconic part of the Brisbane skyline.

Do the gondolas have seat belts?

The gondolas glide slowly and seat belts are not necessary, this also ensures you have the ultimate selfie opportunity.

Do you offer your audio tour in any other languages?

Yes. We have audio available in Mandarin and our maps are available in Mandarin and Japanese.

Can I take a pram and my backpack on board?

Small bags and backpacks can be taken on board the Wheel – large bags, luggage and prams cannot.  We have luggage storage available on the platform and also in the pram parking area. Due to space restrictions in the gondola we will ask that you remove your backpack and store it under the seat.  Please also remember no food or drinks are allowed on board unless they were purchased on site.