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Turn Up the Romance this Valentine’s Day at the Wheel of Brisbane

Valentine’s Day stands as a testament to love, offering a splendid opportunity to celebrate the profound bond between partners. Amidst Brisbane’s scenic beauty, the Wheel of Brisbane presents an unparalleled experience, promising an intimate and memorable celebration of your affection.

The Essence of Valentine’s Day

At its core, Valentine’s Day is a heartfelt celebration of love, an occasion that beckons lovers to express their deepest feelings through romantic gestures, thoughtful gifts, and cherished moments spent together. It’s a day that encourages us to pause, reflect, and revel in the joy of companionship.

The Lure of the Wheel of Brisbane

Perched 60 metres above the heart of Brisbane, the Wheel offers an exclusive retreat for couples seeking a private sanctuary. Encased in its climate-controlled gondolas, you are invited to a serene ascent, where the panoramic vistas of the city unfold beneath you, crafting an ambience brimming with romance.

Exclusive Valentine’s Day Packages

This Valentine’s Day, the Wheel of Brisbane is delighted to present bespoke packages designed with love in mind. Experience the intimacy of a private gondola, the sparkle of champagne, and the indulgence of gourmet chocolates, all whilst the city’s lights dance below, setting an enchanting scene.

Safety and Privacy

At the forefront of our offerings is your comfort, safety, and privacy. Our gondolas provide a secure, enclosed space, with air-conditioning ensuring a focus on each other in utmost comfort. Rest assured, your moments of affection remain undisturbed, enveloped in privacy.

A Date to Remember

To immortalise your Valentine’s Day adventure, each package includes a complimentary photograph, a memento of your shared experience atop Brisbane. This gesture ensures that your special day is captured and remembered for years to come.

Capture the Moment

Positioned against the breathtaking cityscape, the Wheel of Brisbane stands as an idyllic setting for capturing your love story. Whether it’s through candid snapshots or a grand proposal, the Wheel offers a magical backdrop to mark the next chapter in your relationship.

Booking Your Experience

With Valentine’s Day marking one of our calendar’s highlights, availability is highly sought after. To guarantee your exclusive experience, early booking is strongly recommended, ensuring that you don’t miss out on this exquisite celebration of love.


Valentine’s Day demands an extraordinary celebration, and the Wheel of Brisbane rises to the occasion, offering a distinct and intimate setting that promises to elevate your day into an unforgettable journey of love. Secure your exclusive package now, and let us help you amplify the romance this Valentine’s Day.